Hmmm… a page about me. Well not really sure what to put here. I started this blog mostly to write about my travel experiences. It’s really a continuation of my old blog, http://mrossner.travellerspoint.com/ which is detailed much of my trip around the world (in 6 months…). You’d be amazed how much ground you can cover in 6 months, although I’d say I’ve barely even touched the surface… of the world that is.

Yeah so I decided to move to France and write about that. I actually enjoyed writing about my experiences in France as there are just so many ridiculous things that happen in this country and it’s so easy to talk about French culture and some of the strange things they do. I thought to myself, I could write a book about this. Turns out I wasn’t the first person to come up with that idea. Yeah a guy name Stephen Clark beet me to it. They guy’s a Brit who made the move over to Paris. A bit less drastic than my transatlantic move but anyway he’s already got a bunch of books out on this very topic. They’re quite funny. So no book for me. I had meant to keep writing the blog but it is time consuming.

Then for whatever reason I decided to start writing about technology since I work with technology and have always had the passion for it. So that’s my story for now.


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