So here’s my blog. This is my second one now. I originally resisted getting onto the blog wagon… but when I started traveling it was just easier than sending emails to everyone I know.

Now I’m not only traveling but living in another country. I’ve been writing some stuff on Facebook, but I felt that an actual blog would be more accessible to those who still don’t know what Facebook is (surprising but true).

On top of my usual rants about life I’ve been reading a lot of technology related blogs and feel I should contribute to this. So I’m going to make a technology category which will nothing to do with traveling. So if you’re not in “IT” you’ll probably find those boring. I put “IT” in quotes as I’m not particularly fond of the acronym. I have yet to write a rant about that one, I just haven’t got around to it.

Enjoy! Comments welcome 🙂


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